How to sound a little more human in a live chat

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How to sound a little more human in a live chat

It is essential to create a great first impression.

Having a live chat on your website is a great idea. It brings that sense of humanness to your conversations with users of your websites. However, with the way AI technology is advancing by the day, chatbots are now able to give appropriate responses by sourcing for data on the internet and dissecting questions at a breakneck speed. 

This is a cause for concern. (Well, for website developers who do not want to use chatbots). 

The reason is that with this emerging impressive AI technology, chatbots are beginning to sound more human than actual humans! Yes! Have you recently chat with a bot on Facebook Messenger? The way they use emojis is so accurate that it could reinforce the fear that one day, computers would take over the planet. 

However, the good news is that research shows that customers prefer dealing with humans when it comes to complicated problems. Chatbots are perfect for straight forward questions. But when it comes to dealing with technical issues, real humans are preferred. 

This blog post would help you with some tips on how to make you sound more human on a live Chat. 

First Impressions Matter

It is essential to create a great first impression. Make sure you choose your words carefully. Maintain a friendly and positive tone. This is important because you can easily unintentionally sound rude. Positivity is critical towards making an excellent first impression.
Also, avoid sarcasm!! Things can go wrong from a wrongly interpreted sarcastic comment. Being positive and shying away from irony would go a long way in making sure you create an excellent first i

Get personal

Getting personal would help you connect with your customer better.  Try using the customer’s name and any details that would be making it feel more like he or she is talking with acquittance. That is better talking with a stranger.
Having these personal touches here and there would make you feel like you sound more human to the person you are chatting with.

Invoke confidence and provide clarity

The person you are chatting with can see you. That is why this point is essential. Clearly explain the problems they’re facing and the ways that your firm is trying to find a solution.
Elaborate what you are trying to say, communicate with full sentences. It would help your customers feel calmer. Thus, making you sound less like a robot and more like a human being. 

Be sympathetic towards the customer’s situation 

Stepping into your customer’s shoes would go a long way towards making you sound human. Try and feel what they are experiencing (or at least show it). Humans are emotional beings, and they would connect more with people who appear sympathetic to their situation. This would help you sound more human.

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