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For over 25 years, Dillon Partners has provided accounting, auditing, taxation and management consulting services to many small and medium-sized businesses as well as family groups and individuals. If you’d like to have a chat, then get in touch today.

Accounting & Taxation

Trust in us to deliver 100% on your Accounting and Taxation needs, and see the benefits of having a trusted partner by your side.

Secretarial Services

We’ll take care of the myriad of time-consuming, yet essential records, searches and reports that regulators demand.

Management Consulting

Our experience, objective analysis and understanding of your business will help you plot a path to business success.

Auditing Services

Many businesses see auditing as a legal requirement and an expense which provides no value. We take a different view.

Financial Planning

DP Wealth Solutions specialises in preparing and implementing financial plans to achieve your lifestyle goals and aspirations.

A businessman using his laptop to view his financial records in the cloud

Cloud Accounting

Access your financial data from anywhere, anytime, with Cloud Accounting

Dillon Partners is a Gold Partner with Xero and is proud to recommend it to its clients. Xero was built specifically with cloud computing in mind. Some of its features are detailed below. You can operate more efficiently and have more time to focus on your business. Find out why over 600,000 people worldwide have moved to Xero’s online accounting solution. We’re here to help you work smarter with better tools, information & advice when you need it.

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3 tax-deductible purchases you might not know about

As you provide information to your accountant to crunch numbers come to the end of the financial year, we determine the amount of tax you need to pay as a business whilst considering expenses you have shouldered throughout the year.

Circuit Breaker Action Business Support Package

As part of the new initiative put forward by the Victorian Government to help businesses with the circuit breaker action to prevent the spread of COVID-19, a four-part support package has been designed with $143 million available for eligible businesses.

The benefits of hiring a strong Accountant during a crisis

While it may sound like a good idea to cut back on accounting costs and handle all the business finances on your own, doing so is a mistake. In times of crisis, the importance of working with a professional accountant has never been more vital, especially to small and medium-sized…

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