Why planning is important

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Why planning is important

Planning is simply a process that involves shaping a course of action that is to be done at a later date.

What is Planning?

Planning is simply a process that involves shaping a course of action that is to be done at a later date. McFarland describes it as “a concept of executive action that embodies the skill of anticipating, influencing and controlling the nature and direction of change.” In straightforward terms, it is deciding what to do and how to do it in advance.
Every organization is created to achieve specific goals. However, without planning, none of these goals can be made. Planning forms the basis for the success and growth of any organization. 

This article will highlight some of the reasons why planning is essential. 

Increases the ability of the organization to adapt to events

The future is a very uncertain phenomenon, as things are very likely to change after some time. The longer the time, the increase in the rate of uncertainty.  As a result, there is an increase in the other courses of action. Planning offers a systematic approach towards considering these uncertainties. 

Planning allows for the efficient use of an organization’s resources

Planning results in higher productivity, as there is better utilization of available resources. Thus, avoiding wasted efforts in terms of workforce, money and machinery.
Reduces the pressure of having to deal with things in a hurry
When the anticipation of events that come with planning is absent, there would be a lot of pressure to do things in a hurry when push comes to shove. In other words, planning helps avoid unnecessary burdens. 

Planning Prevents mistakes

Mistakes cannot be eliminated entirely. However, proper planning would reduce the frequency in the occurrence of these mistakes.
Helps increase the effectiveness of the manager
Through planning, the manger’s goals are made, and he can decide with acts are the most appropriate and prove to be the most beneficial for the team.  Thereby, increasing his effectiveness as a leader. 

Planning helps to give direction to a team     

The initial step of planning is to crystalize objectives, thus giving the team a sense of direction. Definition and integration of the purposes of an organization would cause a more coordinated set of activities between departments. Thereby, increasing the possibility of meeting the company’s objectives. 

Planning helps the organization have a fighting chance in the industry. 

When planning, you can arrive at the end of adding a new line of products, changing the mode of operations or getting a better description of the consumer’s needs. All this helps the organization remain competitive in the industry.

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