Why you should advertise on Facebook

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Why you should advertise on Facebook

Facebook started in 2005 as a small networking site at Harvard University.

Today it is considered one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world. Over the last decade or so, Facebook has grown from being a small networking site for students in ivy league schools to become a pacesetter for social networking in the world. In August 2017, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO/ Chairman, and Founder of Facebook announced that about 1 billion people logged into Facebook in a single day! 

This means that, with the joining of the network, there is an opportunity to meet new people. And this can be harnessed by businesses for advertisement. Still, there are however a few misconceptions about advertising on Facebook that make people shy away from using Facebook ads. This article would help quell those misconceptions and give a few reasons why you should advertise on Facebook. 

Facebook has over a billion users!

That should be self-explanatory, shouldn’t it? With this massive number of users, Facebook is a large market on its own. 
It is doubtful that you will not find a large entourage of people who require your goods or services.

People spend so much time on social media

There is a study that shows that the average person spends about 28 per cent of his or her day on social media. That’s about 2 hours per day, and that’s just the average person!  Americans spend at least forty minutes of this time on Facebook. On Facebook, every minute sees the sharing, liking, and posting of comments on about 4.1 million posts. Facebook is basically where your future customers live. So why not take advantage of this by using Facebook to bring your business to them.
Though you might have a business page, only a low percentage of your target market would see it.
In a bid to promote their ads program, Facebook has slowly been reducing the visibility of business feeds on users’ news feed. So, if you want to reach your business to have a far greater reach, use the Facebook ads.  

Facebook ads are unbelievably cheap

You do not need a huge budget to use Facebook ads. With a package as low $50, you can get your message to an audience of about 10,000 targeted users.
You make your ads reach only a specific audience by targeting
Using the data from their profiles like age, gender, interests and connections, Facebook ads would make your products to reach those who need it. 

You can also explore other targeting options like:

– Using a life-event to get to your target audience

– Tapping into recent purchase behaviour of users

– Using custom audiences to nurture leads, thereby building a loyal customer base. 

– Creating “lookalike audiences.”

The call button feature

Facebook has about 1.39 billion mobile network visitors. Capturing leads from mobile Facebook users can prove to be a tremendous opportunity.  Users can now make direct calls to businesses which is way more valuable than links to websites.


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