Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

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Benefits of Advertising on Instagram

Benefits have evolved. Once upon a time, “word-of-mouth” adverts was what worked, later on, if you couldn’t get your business to be on the television or radio, you were not dreaming big enough.

However, with the advent of the internet, a lot of things have changed. Particularly, everyone is on social media; making it the best place to make your business come to limelight. With social media, you can take your dreams to the next level; out of your community and out there, to the rest of the world.

Having over 500 million active users log in daily and about 800million active users monthly; Instagram looks like a great place for advertising. The potential of Instagram is also evident in the fact that it was bought out by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook just 18 months after it was launched.

Wondering the specific benefits Instagram has your business? We’ve got you!

Five Benefits That Instagram will bestow on your business

Instagram is connected to Facebook

Yes, both platforms are connected. “So what?” You ask.
This makes it easier to leverage Facebook data to reach out to your audience. In addition to this, once you’ve used Facebook for ads in previous times, using Instagram for ads will be no problem, since everything is done via Facebook.

One-third of Instagram users have made use of the app in purchasing at least one product online

In the end, every business is driving at one thing—sales. If a social media platform can fetch you deals you can be sure of, what else would you possibly want?
Research has confirmed the fact that one-third of Instagram users have made use of Instagram in purchasing a product online. Since there are 800 million users of Instagram monthly, this implies that about 2,666,667 million people have once used this platform in buying a product online! This makes Instagram such a liquid market for any business owner.

It is easy to integrate Shopify while using Instagram

This makes it super easy to sell your products, after the advertisement. Hence, Instagram would not be merely a form of publication for you, but also a primary channel of selling your products.

You can track sales and lead conversions when you use Instagram for your adverts

This still buoys down to the fact that Instagram uses the same ad manager as Facebook. Hence, the platform has all the tracking capabilities of Facebook. This makes it easy for you to see everything; from link clicks to conversions and everything in between, on whatever campaigns you run. If you have a goal, this helps you to track your achievements.

The number of users on Instagram is continuously on the rise

There are currently 800 million monthly users o n the platform, and more people are joining daily; teenagers and adults alike. Everyone likes the idea of being on Instagram. This makes it a smart tool (in the form of a social media platform) that every business owner should leverage on.

To Wrap It Up

While we have discussed only five benefits of Instagram in this article, there are several other benefits including the fact that Instagram separates personal profiles from business profiles, Instagram helps you connect with your customers using the appropriate kind of content and the fact that it is a visual platform.

With this new knowledge of yours, start using Instagram today, and you would never regret it.

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