The benefits of advertising on Twitter

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The benefits of advertising on Twitter

Up until recently, Twitter advertising has been a redundant marketing channel in place of the giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Twitter, however, has made some useful changes with how brands can utilise the platform to increase activity.

The big questions are:

  • How does Twitter give businesses an option of a different platform to advertise on?’  

  • How do businesses know if it’s the right choice for their company?’

These questions are going to determine how much an organisation can benefit from advertising on Twitter, so without further ado, let’s get into it.
There are a few things to understand before going into the benefits of advertising on Twitter.

Three things to note before advertising on Twitter:

1. Learn how to Create Ad campaigns: 

To elevate your business, create Twitter ads that are highly engaging with the use of high-quality visuals and contrasting colours.
You can make your ads fun by combining organic and paid material to advertise on Twitter effectively.

 2. Use Twitter regularly: 
It’s very illogical to want to advertise on Twitter without spending quality time on the platform. You can choose to offer discounts to your customers and make limited time offers.

3. Don’t try to sell right away: The key to utilising Twitter is to understand, apart from promoting high-quality content, is that keeping it simple right from the start guarantees popularity on the platform. Try to keep the tweets fun, short and exciting before even declaring what your business has to offer to the Twitter society. 

Four Benefits of using Twitter to advertise your business:

1. Twitter has a very receptive audience:  

Advertisers today understand how tasking it is to get consumer attention. It’s essential to reach the right audience, but it’s even more critical that the audience is receptive. What Twitter does is uniquely provides its users with the ability to discover what’s trending across the world. This makes the Twitter society a fearsome collection of users that are aware of what is and what’s not. This is different from other platforms.
This functionality of the platform puts this society in a receptive mindset so that information is kept in their long-term memory more efficiently. Your business can utilise this advantage that Twitter provides, to strengthen the purchase intent of the users by making sure to trend.

2. Twitter society can generate concrete influence:
Twitter users have been proven to be hugely influential. This influence can be universal; Twitter users can create influence across their immediate environments regardless of geography, age, gender, or topic. By just sharing a Tweet, a Twitter user can create an impact that can make an entire franchise trend on the platform.

3.Twitter’s users and brands:

Brands that get trendy on Twitter are those that appeal to Twitter users, they are usually demanding consumers who desire quality and responsiveness, and they actively reward users that put in the effort.
Twitter users are always willing to pay more for quality products that also saves time, as well as being more brand conscious, choosing brands that fit the best with their values.

4.The platform itself is curious:
Twitter regularly gathers information on how to provide it’s users the ultimate experience. This combined with the overall influence, tendency to distribute information, and loyalty to brands offering quality products in a way that align with their values, are the perfect catalyst for any marketers campaign.