11 tips for planning the best Christmas work party

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11 tips for planning the best Christmas work party

Every good party needs some core elements to be a success

Hurray!!! It is that time of the year when Santa Claus comes visiting. Every company would want to take advantage of this festive season to create an experience that doesn’t just foster stronger interpersonal relationships but builds the company morale and employee gratification across the board. 

If you have been saddled with the responsibility of organizing such an extraordinary event, you need to cover a lot of grounds and make foreseen calculations. With that in mind, we compiled a few tips you should have in mind when you put pen to paper during planning: 


Start with the basics 

Every good party needs some core elements to be a success- an excellent venue, well-planned timing and date, agenda, theme, pleasant décor and a host of other fundamentals. During your planning, it is advised that you work your way up from the basics (such as picking a suitable venue, booking a caterer, choosing a date and time) to specialties (such as excellent décor and food and beverage selection)     

Choose an effective team. 

Two heads are better than one, they say. Hosting a successful party requires time, effort and expertise. Picking individuals who are skilled in specific areas such as decoration or budget planning would boost your chances of organizing a cost-effective party. 

Choose a cost-effective menu  

Of course, you need to feed the employees. However, it is up to you to devise ways in which you can provide an excellent meal while staying within your budget. For instance, plated meals are suitable substitutes for a buffet; plus, you can feed everyone in a more organized fashion.    

Set Alcohol consumption limits

Whether to reduce the cost acquired from purchasing beverages with high alcoholic content or prevent eccentric behaviours in the party; the bottom line is, narrowing your booze selection or going for cheaper cocktail selections is a more natural way of controlling your budget while hosting a big event. 

Remind the employees of proper party etiquettes 

In as much as the whole concept of a Christmas party is to have fun, employees need to do so with other colleagues in mind. Essential party etiquettes such as not arriving too early or leaving too late, avoiding excessive drinking or eating, complaining or bringing excessive guests could impact others’ experiences, shoot up company cost and affect 

your plans.

How about some gift exchange?  

To make the party much more lively and fun, how about setting up a gift exchange? To avoid awkward situations, the organizers should set a financial cap, perhaps 10$, on the gifts. In larger organizations, allow the gift exchange ceremony to occur within each department, especially if some employees are not familiar with other departments and their employees. 

Explore vendor sponsorship 

No matter how much of a great event planner you are, it is impossible to overlook some items and their costs, especially if they are costly. To supplement your planning cost, you could seek for outside revenue through sponsorship. 

Choose the most effective time 

Hosting a party requires a certain amount of calculation; including time planning. Most companies consider Friday nights the best time of the week since most employees take the weekend off. 

Ever Considered a fundraiser? 

Fundraisers are lovely ways to show that your company doesn’t only care about the wellbeing of its employees but also about the community 

in which it exists. It also portrays the whole essence of Christmas; giving.  


 Ask for feedback from previous parties 

If you want to know what the employees are expecting, why don’t you ask them? Questions like- ‘What did you like best about the last party’ or ‘What would you not want to be included this year’- are suitable questions to dive into the mind of employees and help you plan a better party.      


Send out invitations well in advance 

Everyone has plans for Christmas. Once they know the last day of work, policies are set into actions. To prevent low turn-out, be sure to give them invitations well in advance.