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Your Website Needs a Spring Clean Too

Caleena, PracticePlus By January 19, 2019 No Comments
Your Website Needs a Spring Clean Too

Not everyone loves spring; however, the idea of a spring clean is well-embraced. It allows a house look new and clean. It also prevents the individual and entire family from suffering several diseases that come with having a dirty home. If your home (which is only accessible to the few people you know) gets a spring clean so easily, your website (which is accessible to thousands of people) deserves a spring clean too

One truth many business owners hardly know is that it is better to have no online presence at all than to have an outdated website.

A person who wants to know anything about a business would head over the Google; which is sure to direct them to your website. On stumbling on your site, the first impression they get about your business based on your images, the quality of the site as well as the content on the site. A site that looks like it’s been abandoned is bad for business as an individual easily thinks of the business the way they view the site.

How does a person get convinced to buy a product or service from an unattractive website? If your website is unattractive, then you’ve got to give it a spring clean.

Wondering how to give your website a spring clean? Then, keep reading.

Here are proven ways to give your website a spring clean and make it more attractive to customers:

Make Your Visuals Better

It only takes 50 milliseconds to make a good impression of your website (and this impression is given through your visuals). When one visits your site, they see your visual first. You don’t want the colors used to design your site seem like the ones from the 80’s. If you need to employ professionals, go ahead, but ensure your visuals look attractive by all means. 

Work On Your Navigation and Menu by Showing Value Proposition through Their Titles

“How can this be achieved?” You ask.

Imagine you run a website for your makeup company that offers makeup services and also runs makeup classes. Term the menu for taking makeup classes as “become the makeup artiste of your dream”, rather than “take makeup classes”. That way, it will come off as an opportunity for anyone visiting your site to add value to themselves.

Use Content to Advantage; Content is King

This is a common saying, but the place of great web content cannot be overemphasized. From the content on your homepage to articles/blogs, to great videos; you really have to invest in content.

Display the Results of your Brand

Every prospective customer wants to see the results. There is no better free platform than your website to showcase the milestones you have achieved in delivering your services. So, go ahead and flaunt your results

A combination of all the elements discussed is sure to set the ball rolling for your business, as you would have received a total spring clean by doing these things. 

Is your website looking a bit drab? Is it in need of a spring clean?

Get in touch with Practiceplus to discuss a website revamp.

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