The first accountant to use Xero Tax talks stress-busting and time-saving this EOFY

Sophie Lamell, Xero By July 17, 2019 December 14th, 2023 No Comments
The first accountant to use Xero Tax talks stress-busting and time-saving this EOFY

Over 5,000 firms rely on Xero Tax to lodge their tax returns

Ah, Tax season. Its that time of year again, and as EOFY approaches, you’re likely busier than ever. But whether your clients are individuals, business or non-business, Xero or non-Xero – lodging their returns doesn’t need to be stress inducing (or time incurring). Securely connected to the ATO with Xero’s multiple layers of security, smart schedules, worksheets, and workflows, Xero Tax enables you to prepare, review and lodge clients’ returns without being chained to the office – allowing you the freedom to do what needs to get done, any time, anywhere. 

Over 5,000 firms rely on Xero Tax to lodge their tax returns, with more than six million returns having been lodged to date. But don’t just take it from us. We sat down with Paul Meissner of 5ways, who lodged the very first return via Xero Tax, to hear all about what makes it so popular throughout the country.

1. As the first person to lodge a return with Xero Tax, what was it that made you believe in it from the very start?

Nowadays it’s the most used online tax system in Australia. But back then, Xero Tax was the first mainstream cloud-based product available. Personally, I was really hanging out to complete the last piece of the 100% cloud puzzle! Which meant I was very happy to say goodbye to my clunky old tax lodgement software and get on board with the new way of doing things.

2. As part of an increasingly fast-moving industry, how have you seen Xero Tax change over the years?

I’ve watched Xero Tax become the most user-friendly online tax solution out there. It’s been really impressive to see how responsive the Xero team has been in making the entire experience better year by year – all of those practical little functionality tweaks have made a world of difference.

3. Security has never been more important. Tell us, do you find Xero Tax to be sufficiently trustworthy?

Being the first person to lodge with Xero Tax, I’ve developed immense trust in the team. The Xero gang were right there in the office beside me when I pressed that button way back when (probably praying that I didn’t break something, to be honest). I know I can always trust the data because Xero’s security is watertight.

4. When it comes to software, usability is key. Do you find Xero Tax simple to use?

Firstly, all client details are stored in one place so it’s nice and easy to navigate. And with everything on Xero Tax being cloud-based, I can complete returns when I’m on the road. Likewise, having electronic signatures has been a real benefit, along with the ability to compare previous years with the year to year review function which has been really helpful as well.

5. Would you say that Xero Tax has made your job (or life, for that matter) easier in any way?

The main thing for me is the complete freedom it allows – I can access Xero Tax from absolutely anywhere. Then, there’s the fact that I don’t have to constantly run updates. The single ledger means that the Business Activity Statements data flows seamlessly from Xero into Xero Tax, which doesn’t just save me time, but also minimises the risk of errors.