How to enhance employee productivity

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How to enhance employee productivity

Staying diligent, no matter what includes taking time to implement these small measures.

For any company or business, one of the most important assets is its employees. There are crucial elements if you want to increase productivity in the workplace. Judge what improvements are needed to enhance employee productivity by keeping your employees happy, and motivated and all capacity increases.

As a business owner, you want to increase productivity results and quality work in less time. You want to skip wasted time otherwise spent on unnecessary tasks.

Here are some important tips that you can try for enhancing employee productivity:

1. Set Clear Goals

Nothing better than a well-planned strategy for boosting productivity in the workspace. Offer every employee with a clear goal that can help them prioritize tasks. Motivate them to stick to a to-do list to enable well-organized work.

This will be resulting in efficient working. One has to be open to any kind of potential change in the way things work. Also, remember that it is very important to make short term as well as long term goals.

2. Assign Authority

When employees feel that they have authority over something, their confidence boosts. Delegation of the tasks always has the element of risk but also enhanced responsibility is important for increasing job satisfaction.

You should allot responsibilities to employees who are qualified and has a certain field expertise with a good track record. This will lead to better trust and the performance of the tasks will be improved.

This approach will be benefiting the company in the long haul by providing the employees with a great sense of achievement and a good career direction.

3. Improve workplace conditions and reduce distractions in the workspace

Improving workplace conditions and minimizing distractions can turn out to be the biggest productivity booster. Speaking of distractions, we all know how smartphones can divert our attention from the day to day tasks.

But it won’t be practically possible for having a completely no phone policy either.

Then what is the solution?

In this case, finding the middle ground is the way to go. You can encourage the employees for turning their phones off or on the don’t disturb mode. Let them have small breaks when they can check the phone for some time. This will boost workplace efficiency while the person is at their desk.

4. Providing all of the right tools and equipment

Offering the employees with the right tools and also the equipment is vital for increasing workplace efficiency. For instance, if you need some paperwork ready within a stipulated time frame, make sure the printers are working in order.

Install good-quality equipment and programs and there will be a huge difference that you will notice on the way the workforce gets improved.

5. Provide support as and when needed

One of the most common problems that managers encounter is not having a clear or stronger sense if the employees are performing well or not. You need to let the staff have clear directions so that all the expectations are clear from the beginning.

This will also aid in increasing workplace productivity and keep the focus clear. Make sure that you offer support to employees throughout the entire process. Some employees may need interim support like on-job training or help in completion of a particular task. So make sure you are there to support.

6. Positive Reinforcement

Three things that are critical for better productivity are an encouragement, motivation, and rewards. Makes sure that the employees are aware that they are good at their work and will take constructive criticism in the best way possible.

Also, personal incentives must be given after accomplishing something impressive. This can include a takeout coffee for free, or maybe a paid holiday.

Highlight the good work of employees to other team members as well. This will work as a motivating factor for other team members and they will also work harder so that they become the winner of the next reward. The company will achieve organizational goals as positive reinforcement will increase employee productivity.

7. Encourage them to maintain their physical and mental fitness

To bring out the best in people, an optimum physical and mental health is a must. A fun sport that is not too exhausting is the way to go when it comes to corporate leisure. There could be few such games like foozeball, carrom, table tennis. Even light sports like over the door basketball add to a fun atmosphere.

I like table tennis and have witnessed it as is one of our best stress-busters for the office employees. It’s a fun way to incorporate a mind and body workout into the teams’ busy schedules and enhances active thinking.

Long working hours can reduce productivity and with the help of this small distraction, employees can refresh their minds. Any team activity helps employees and teams work better and their loyalty towards the company increases.

8. Creation of a family-like positive culture and atmosphere.

Creating an office culture when employees feel like home has become essential in order to have enhanced employee productivity.

Ensuring the team members feel regarded and taken care of is the very first step. Making sure employees feel safe and can work well without thinking of mistakes or that a bad consequence might occur otherwise.

9. Get to know your new employees.

A background check of employees is helpful when it comes to determining the security of the workplace. For the safety of your company, always complete a background check of your future employees. It is also wise to inquire into why this employee left their former workplace.

Find out the negative factors that caused their departure. Make sure you eliminate those factors from your own firm. Find out what has motivated this individual in the past, and use it to boost your company’s productivity.

10. Avoid any kind of favouritism

Favoritism is the worst enemy of productivity. People feel belittled if you favor someone else over them. Almost everyone has faced some such issues in their life where they have been ignored or the managers considered other team members more valuable.

As the boss, manager, or CEO make sure you hide your bias or favoritism (if you have some) and keep things level under your radar. By being aware of this issue, you won’t be the cause of little gossip group and you’ll aid in making the workload handling a lot easier.


Important tips and reminders help us to enhance employee productivity. Staff members always look up to their senior counterparts. Staying diligent, no matter what includes taking time to implement these small measures.