Video Ads On Facebook, Do They Work?

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Video Ads On Facebook

Video Ads are more than mere trends on Facebook and far more than a feature that is sure to come and go. If you’ve been active on Facebook, the tendency is to have seen video ads on the site for different brands/companies.

Many business owners see these videos and wonder, “Do they really work or is this another means to squeeze cash out of the pocket of both the business owner and a random Facebook user?”

First, here’s an amazing statistic that will blow your mind: people are now watching above 100 million hours of Facebook video ads per day. Why would a business owner or marketer not take advantage of these figures? If you are not currently using video ads to advantage, you’re already losing a lot.

While using visuals for adverts have always worked, video ads have brought about even greater advantage by the mere fact that the newsfeed algorithm on Facebook currently gives a higher preference to videos.

Some startups still think of spending on television and radio commercials; the truth is that such adverts may just be a total waste of money—who watches the television or still listens to radios as much they stay glued to the online community? The only exception, of course, is if that’s the best way to get your target audience.

This is not to totally condemn traditional advertising, but if you ever have to choose between traditional and digital, go for digital. If you have a very high budget for advertisement, you can go for both.

There’s something about visual ads; because you can see them, they have the ability to move your emotions. This makes them beat text ads. Video ads go a step further. Since videos are recordings of actual scenarios, you can get your user to relate to a particular experience, hence, they can easily buy into a brand’s story. They don’t just move the user’s emotions; they make the user take actions as they are highly emotionally compelling.

Users would easily remember the scenes from your videos than when information or any other form of communication with them is put into words.

Videos ads have indeed evolved into a feature loved by users over time. At first, when Facebook introduced the feature, it was quite confusing. That was back in 2015. Especially for the fact that it was an auto-play feature, it took quite a while for acceptance to set in. One would wonder what has driven for acceptance between 2015 and now. The primary reason for the acceptance within this period is its effectiveness.

Facebook ads will particularly help you filter through the various audiences to reach your target audience. The traditional Facebook ads drive a potential customer to your page, increases your number of likes and you eventually gets you leads. The auto-play feature of the video ad does better for you when you use video ads. You would have captured the attention of the user and told them everything you have to offer (even before they visit your page). When they eventually visit your page, you would be getting converts to leads, as your viewers would have been convinced about the worth of your brand.

Mind you, a video that will get leads must be of great quality. While focusing on doing video ads, be sure to pay attention to the making of quality videos too.

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